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[Fic] Try to Stay Blind - for firthgal

Title: Try to Stay Blind
Author: Anonymous
Recipient: firthgal
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Uther/Morgana (one sided)
Warnings: headmaster/student, age difference (all characters are of age in the UK)
Spoilers: None
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1500
Summary: Uther is frustrated when Morgana ends up in his office yet again.
Author's Note: I combined the headmaster/student prompt with Uther watching Morgana. Thanks to my flist for the encouragement in the final hour.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fanfiction – none of this ever happened. No copyright infringement is intended. No profit is made from this work. Please observe your local laws with regards to the age-limit and content of this work.

Uther sighs and looks across his desk at Morgana. It’s been six years since Gorlois died and he took Morgana in, and during that time, she has grown from a sweet child who always held his hand when they were in public into a rebellious teen, entirely too self-assured and beautiful for her own good.

Morgana gets excellent marks in all of her subjects here at Avalon Academy, but over the past year, her file has grown thick with incident reports. Morgana is not afraid to speak her mind to anyone regardless of their position, especially when she is crusading for one oppressed group or another. Uther has lost track of the many issues that make her go red in the face with indignation.

“Morgana,” he begins.

“Uther,” she says, mocking him.

Uther doesn’t say a word; he just presses his hands together and waits.

Eventually Morgana rolls her eyes. “Fine. Headmaster.”

“That’s better. In this office, you are just like any other student at this school. Now I understand that you were caught trying to get the other students to sign a petition protesting my unfair discipline practices.”

“I didn’t have to try very hard,” Morgana says with a triumphant grin. “Almost everyone was more than willing to sign it with hardly any convincing at all. Seems as though a lot of people have a problem with you.”

Uther knows she’s pushing his buttons hoping for a reaction, so he forces himself to keep his voice even. “Morgana, you are sixteen years old, which means it’s time for you to stop this childish nonsense. This is the fourth time this month you’ve ended up here in my office.”

“I’m only trying to do what’s right,” Morgana says, her voice rising in anger. “It’s not fair that you let some of the students get away with anything just because their parents donate a lot of money to this school, while the rest have to face the consequences when they do something wrong. I know you don’t care about justice, but I do.”

Uther feels his patience slipping away, and he slams his hands on the desk and narrows his eyes. “Don’t forget that you are only here because I allow it,” he hisses. “I may have promised your father I’d take care of you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t ship you off far away to a different boarding school that makes this one look like a child’s playground.”

Morgana flinches, but continues to glare at him. “What’s my punishment? Extra work again?”

Uther leans back in his chair, considering. He doubts that anything he says will change Morgana’s behaviour. She seems to believe that all of her pet causes are worth any punishment Uther doles out. If this were anyone other than Morgana, Uther would have expelled them long ago.

Uther suspects Morgana knows that she has him trapped just like this. For all the threatening he does, he won’t send her away and she knows it. The thought of Morgana having such power over him makes something flare in Uther’s gut.

He lets his eyes drop for a moment. Uther has been headmaster for a long time, and he never paid much attention to the uniforms the students wear, but lately he finds himself noticing the way Morgana’s legs look in the pleated skirt, and the way her fitted blouse clings to her breasts.

When he meets Morgana’s gaze again, she’s watching him and her face is flushed a lovely shade of pink. At first he thinks she’s embarrassed, but then she shifts in her chair so that her skirt rides up her thighs and he’s not so sure anymore. Uther grips the edge of the desk and lets out a breath.

“No punishment,” Uther rasps. “Get out of here and don’t let me see you in my office again anytime soon.”

Morgana looks surprised for a moment, but Uther deliberately turns his chair away. She leaves without another word.

Uther watches out the window as Morgana crosses the courtyard and joins a group of students in the shade under a tree. When she throws her head back and laughs at something, she doesn’t look sullen or seductive anymore; she just looks sixteen.

Uther should step away from the window. He should tackle the large stack of paperwork he has waiting for him, or return the calls from recent donors. He should stop staring at the way Morgana looks leaning against the tree in the shade of the afternoon sun. Instead he rubs one hand over the front of his trousers.

He’s hard. He has been since Morgana glared at him defiantly instead of cowering in the fact of his authority. He knows it’s wrong. She’s only sixteen, and the closest thing he has to a daughter, but that doesn’t stop him from getting aroused every time she stands up to him with her confidence and her brazen words and her perfect legs.

There’s a line Uther isn’t willing to cross, but that doesn’t stop him from pushing the line back at every opportunity. He doesn’t remember the first time he thought of Morgana as anything other than a child, but ever since he first found himself looking at her as a man and not a father, he has refused to allow anything more than a fleeting thought. But every time he turns around Morgana is there to push a little bit more, and he’s tired of trying so hard not to think about what is right in front of him.

Uther opens the front of his trousers and slides his hand inside. Outside, Morgana leans over to whisper something into the ear of one of her friends. Uther palms his cock through his pants and wonders what it would feel like to have Morgana’s mouth pressed up against his ear or his neck or his lips. Uther pulls his cock out and strokes himself as he finally lets himself imagine what Morgana would look like on her knees. Uther bites back a groan at the thought of her pretty red lips stretched wide around his cock as she sucks him down.

Uther can’t decide if he wants to keep his eyes open and watch Morgana through the window, or close them so he can picture her here in his office, bent over his desk with her skirt hiked up high enough for him to slide her knickers down. Maybe she’ll smile coyly over her shoulder when his fingers slide up the inside of her thighs, finding her already wet. Or maybe she’ll be skittish and plead with him to be gentle, because despite the way she acts like she’s got everything figured out, she’s never actually done this before. Maybe Uther will lean forward, pressing her into the desk and closing his hands around her delicate wrists as he pushes into her tight heat. Maybe he’ll go slowly, or maybe he won’t.

It’s a relief to stop holding back, and with his fist working his cock, Uther’s thoughts go all the places he’s been keeping them from. He braces himself on the wall and strokes faster, unable to take his eyes off Morgana.

Uther wants to fuck Morgana over his desk. He wants to take her to his bed and feel her legs wrapped around his waist. He wants to see her face when she straddles his hips and sinks down on his cock, and he wants to hear the noises she makes when he spreads her legs and licks his way inside. He wants her when she’s scowling at him across the desk, he wants her when she’s laughing with her friends, and most of all he wants her to beg him for more. The thought of having Morgana every way he wants is enough to push him over the edge, and with a strangled grunt, he comes all over his own hand.

Uther closes his eyes for a moment and leans against the wall until his breathing returns to normal. When he opens them, he’s looking out the window at Morgana, one hand sticky with his own come. He feels a wave of disgust, but pushes it down. It’s not as if he touched her. He would never touch her. That’s the one line he’ll never cross, at least not as long as she’s a student at the Academy.

Uther cleans himself up with some tissues before zipping his trousers. He takes a deep breath as he adjusts his tie and smoothes his hands over his shirt. When he’s satisfied that his appearance is back in order, he picks up Morgana’s file from his desk and returns it to the cabinet where it will wait until her next transgression. Uther ignores the way his stomach clenches at the thought of her back in his office.

When he glances out the window again, Morgana is gone.
Tags: gift: fic, pairing: uther/morgana, rated: nc-17, round one: gifts, year: 2009
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